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Join Mahogany Hairdressing and receive world class, award winning training

The Mahogany Training Program Winner of the Best Training Award at the Business Awards

The success of the Mahogany salons, based in London and Oxford, is down to the strength of an in-house training scheme, run by a dedicated, professional team with years of experience and exceptional skill - which is recognised and respected by the hairdressing industry worldwide.

When you commence your training at Mahogany, the future is a journey with endless opportunities. The team at Mahogany are always looking and encouraging its trainees to develop themselves into future stars of tomorrow.

Through the 3 year Mahogany Training Program, a trainee will be constantly monitored with written and practical test every 3 months. This will allow the educators to understand where a trainee's strengths and weaknesses lie. This process also gives the trainee a chance to express their feelings on the training they are receiving.

If you are a parent reading this page and have concerns about your sons or daughters hairdressing training, please feel free to call one of our salons and make an appointment to see the salon manager, to discuss the opportunities and training available at greater length.

Please remember a career at Mahogany means a career; our trainees do not shampoo and sweep the floor for 3 years, only to be let go with, sadly, no qualification.To learn more about Mahogany Hairdressing, have a good look through our website, particularly our educational / training DVDs. When you get to more info click on play to view a brief snippet of the high-standard of cutting and colouring techniques, taught on the Mahogany Training Program.

Training is in-house, based at one of the salons, giving Shop floor experience alongside technical training, which is key to a full and rounded career. Pay is based on age of the trainee and wages will be discussed at interview stage. On completion of training the student will receive an internationally recognised Mahogany Diploma.

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