Colour Wraps (White)


Why Colour Wraps?

  • 25% lighter than most foils, therefore more comfortable for the client.
  • Available in two colours so you can identify individual colours in the hair.
  • Their insulating properties retain warmth so they can process faster without necessarily using additional heat.
  • No folding is required at any of the edges, unlike foil, as the moisture of the colour adheres to the Colour Wrap.
  • No disagreeable discomfort or noise, which are common problems associated with foil.
  • 1 pack contains 100 sheets


An alternative to the more harsh and uneconomical metal foil, for highlighting, lowlighting and colouring sections.
Theses pre-packed strips are made of thin, light, styrene material.
They are lighter to store, comfortable for the client and easy for the technician to use – only one fold is needed to hold them in place when applying colour.