Maidens and Rebels DVD Collection


(Content: 2 haircuts and 2 colour techniques, running time 150 minutes)



The Maidens & Rebels collection explores a juxtaposed energy of innocence and mischievousness. Contrasting attitude and a choice of individual expression are the key elements of the latest collection from the Mahogany Creative Team.
The Futuristic Maiden is a vision of ice white serenity with strong references taken from the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” and American fashion designer Rick Owens with his futuristic clothes design.
The Urban Rebel is provocative, refutes social attitude, rebels against the status quo. Inspiration is drawn from the New York Punk Rock club CBGB, Iggy Pop and English fashion designer Gareth Pugh with his outlandish graphic shapes.