The Coquettes DVD Complete Collection


(Content: 2 haircuts and 2 colour techniques, running time 180 minutes)



“Enticing, alluring and flirtatious whilst as graceful as the principle ballerina, ‘The Coquettes’ are the embodiment of the innocent enchantress and the vampish temptress.
Mahogany’s S/S 2016 Collection ‘The Coquettes’ uses hidden disconnection and playful placement of colour to produce lavish femininity and flaunting sexual appeal. The shading techniques used create a Chiaroscuro mood with dramatic composition; the result is exuding heady sensuality.
Revealing veils of colour and the hidden panels of length combine in a prodigious variation of the colour palette and a delightfully fluid silhouette.
The ‘ Coquette ‘ is a teasing, alluring woman, with a vampish seducing nature. She is the Femme Fatale.”

Colin Greaney, International Creative Director.